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What is the CEO Soak?
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Imagine an event where CEOs, business professionals, and community leaders are stepping up and making a splash for a cause that truly matters. That's what CEO Soak is all about – an exciting blend of corporate engagement and philanthropy, inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon. 


CEO Soak events are making waves across the US and each event is as unique as the community it serves. Whether you're standing in a fountain, taking the plunge in a pool, braving a dunk tank, or simply embracing an ice bucket over your head, there's a way for everyone to make a splash! Challenge your peers, network with fellow changemakers, and boost employee morale by GETTING SOAKED!

Join this exciting new movement by stepping up as a fundraising Soakee or partnering as a corporate ally. Let’s make ALS a livable disease – one splash at a time!

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