Northeastern Walk Your Way to Defeat ALS
Walk Your Way FAQ

Breaking News: As you might have heard, we made the really difficult decision to change the plans for our in-person Walk events. Your safety and the safety of your family is our priority.

We too are incredibly disappointed, but the mission and need still remains. The Chapter events ensured that our programs and services would remain intact. We need you more than ever to ensure we can continue to provide to our Wisconsin individuals with ALS and their families.

Instead of the traditional format of a Walk to Defeat ALS; we are moving to a “Walk Your Way” format.

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Walk Your Way

What does "Walk Your Way Mean?"

This is a Walk with family, friends, neighbors - whomever would have been on your team for the Walk and anyone you recruit along the way.

You can walk around your block, at a park or nearby school. You can also think outside the box - want to do your miles on a treadmill, or if there is a hike you have been wanting to do? We want you to walk – where you walk is YOUR way. We encourage you to use the goodies in your Walk Captain Boxes (being sent to you by mail) and to “Chalk Your Walk” and share your plans with your team, family and friends.

Your Walk Your Way will make a difference for our Wisconsin ALS patients and families. Step by step we will be cheering you on.

Do we have to do our Walk Your Way on the day the in-person event was?

You can do your Walk Your Way whenever it works for you, your family, friends and colleagues. The pick-up of t-shirts and complementary food coupons for your team will remain on the day the in-person Walk was to occur. It will be a Drive-Thru style Pick-up at Neuroscience Field (click here for directions), where the in-person walk was scheduled. Feel free to bring your chairs, listen to live music and rally with your team before your Walk Your Way.

What are Walk Captain Boxes?

This is a Walk care package we have assembled and are sending out ahead of time to help you rally your team and plan your personal Walk experience. Packages are mailed out to Walk Captains and you should have in hand soon. Think window clings, being able to chalk your walk, decorating for your party and other goodies. 

What is “Chalk Your Walk”?

We’re sending sidewalk chalk in your Walk Captain Boxes, along with ideas about how you can chalk graphics on sidewalks in public spaces to mark your path and share your message with your neighborhood. Invite neighbors to join you. 

How will we get our T-Shirts?

The morning of the Walk you’ll drive to Neuroscience Field and pick up your t-shirts and lots of goodies via a drive-thru experience. We’ll have stations set up for T-Shirts, Goodie Bags with food coupons for your team, and an “ALS Hero” Team Photo Op. Feel free to bring chairs, sit in the parking lot and enjoy the live band. See the Map for details of the Drive-Thru.

How do I turn in the monies I collected?

Thank you for continuing to promote the Walk - the event provides the revenue to keep our services and programs intact. We will be updating the Walk website with this information and you can still use that online platform to solicit donations and build your fundraising team. You can turn in all donations at Neuroscience Field on Saturday, September 25th between 9A and 12P when you come to pick up your t-shirts.  See the Map for details of the Drive-Thru. If you want to drop off at the office, please e-mail [email protected]

How do we have a shared experience if everyone is in their own space?

We are using the power of Social Media and the Internet to send our walks far and wide. We’ll create a remembrance of Walk Your Way experiences with photos and videos. Send us your photos and video of your team and walking. Text your photos and videos as you take them with your Team Name to Erin at (262-527-7892). 

We want to see you. We will provide you a magnet frame for your team photo at the Photo Station the morning of the Drive-Through. See the Map for details of the Drive-Thru. 

If you are posting photos and video to social media tag us on FaceBook by adding @ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter in the post and Instagram: @ALSAWisconsin. (FaceBook and Instagram automatically show you our page name for you to click while you’re typing, and add us to your post when you use that @ALS Association the script of your post.) Want us to cover on Social Media, just text it all to Erin (262-527-7892) as it happens with your team name and she’ll take it from there! 

What if I just want to send something to my family and friends to make a donation? I will share with them the new Walk Your Way format but we still need their support.

We created a page (click this link) where they can simply press the DONATE button. We heard from individuals with ALS that they wanted another option that would make it easy and could still make a difference. Here it is. We know the power of community and what it means to come together and rally. On Walk Day 2021 we’re taking this power to the streets and activating in our own neighborhoods. We are adding a Drive Though Pick-up where we will safely be able to hand you some Team goodies. We will miss the hugs and being together in a large group. We will be together again- when it is safe. Thank you for everything you do.

Is There a Fee to Participate?

There is NO FEE to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS but fundraising is needed. Funds raised contribute to local care service programs, global ALS research, and nationwide advocacy. Walk participants can raise anywhere from $100 to $100,000 dollars - the sky is the limit!

How Do I Register for the Walk?

Registering for your local Walk to Defeat ALS is quick, easy and can be done from the comfort of your home in 4 easy steps!

  1. First, visit and select the Walk location you would like to join. You can search by zip code or state.
  2. Next, select Register and decide if you’re participating as a member of a Walk Team, Individual Walker or Virtual Walker. If you are planning on a team - Register Your Team first, and add yourself as a walker during that process.
  3. Complete the appropriate Registration Form to become an official participant of your local Walk!!
  4. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive access to your online fundraising center, where you can update your personal page and connect your Walk fundraiser to Facebook.
Where/When Should Walk Donations Be Submitted?

As you begin collecting Walk donations, we encourage you to send all contributions to The ALS Association Chapter office prior to the Walk. (3333 N. Mayfair Rd. Suite 104 Milwaukee, WI 53222)

However, there are other options for submitting donations:  

Encourage online donations! Online donations made directly to your personal Walk web page are instantly attributed to your personal and Walk Team fundraising goal. No additional steps are necessary. We suggest using the tools in your online fundraising page to create a custom URL link you can share with friends and family to take them right to your donation page!

Bring all your donations to the Neuroscience field and deliver them on Walk Day. 

Connect your Fundraiser with Facebook! Log in to your online fundraising page and follow the steps to connect your Walk fundraising page with your Facebook account. This will create a fundraiser on Facebook, allowing you to easily share your cause and ask your Facebook friends for support. All donations collected will be credited back to your personal page!

All donations received after Walk Day must be mailed to The ALS Association Chapter office.

NE Drive-Thru Map 

What to Do Next


Giving a gift to your own fundraising campaign shows your supporters how passionate you are about unlocking the mystery of ALS.


The more people that join your team, the more people you can educate about our cause and the bigger the impact you can have in the fight against ALS.


When you update your personal page with your personal ALS story, you show your supporters why providing care and finding a cure is so important to you.


Connecting your personal fundraiser with your Facebook account allows you to share your fundraiser with even more people and helps you reach your goal even faster!


Reach out to your contacts and ask them to join you at the event or support your cause with a donation. Don’t forget to thank them, too!


The Walk to Defeat ALS app is available for both Apple and Android. Send emails, update your page, and track your progress from the palm of your hand!

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