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Local Care Services


The Care Services department of the ALS Association in Wisconsin offers supportive programs and services free of charge to individuals and families living with ALS throughout the state. Our Care Services team is here to provide support and assistance during the ALS journey.  We work directly with individuals diagnosed with ALS, as well as their families and friends. 

Our Care Services Managers are available to answer questions, help navigate healthcare options and programs, provide resources and information, and to simply be there for support. They can connect with you in any way you feel most comfortable — in person, virtually, by email or phone. 

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of the services we provide, followed by a staff listing.  These programs and services are available to individuals diagnosed with ALS who are registered with us. You can register by clicking HERE, or by calling the local office and speaking to a member of the Care Services team at 414.763.2220.

Whatever you need, at any stage along the way, we’re here for you.

Angie Pereira, BSN, RN, Care Services Director | [email protected] | 414.305.1337


ALS Support Groups

ALS-specific support groups allow people with ALS, and their loved ones to connect with others experiencing similar journeys. View a full list of our ALS Support Groups

Communication and Assistive Device Program

  • Communication: Equipment to aid in communication if speech is difficult or lost.
  • Voice Preservation: Recording messages and/or creating a synthetic version of your voice that can be used within the communication equipment.
  • Assistive Devices/Adaptive Equipment: Equipment to assist if hand or voice function declines.
  • Smart Home: Smart Home devices to access your home (lights, TV, etc) via speech or device.

For more information please contact Kathleen Huevler at [email protected] | 414.667.2857 , or Angie Pereira at [email protected] | 414.305.1337

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Pool

Our Equipment Loan Pool provides durable medical equipment to people with ALS to help them maintain their independence and physical safety. Examples of this equipment include mobility devices such as wheeled walkers and wheelchairs. Items are housed in multiple locations throughout our service area.

If you have questions regarding the Equipment Program, please contact our Equipment Program Coordinator, Tim Kiley at [email protected] | 414.441.7932View a General Listing of available Equipment from The ALS Associaiton

We also have a network of families who are offering equipment for free or resale.

View a list of equipment for free or resale from our network

Home Safety Program

Our home safety program connects individuals living with ALS with a qualified team member to review safety and quality of life. Services may include assistive technology, adaptable equipment and durable medical equipment recommendations.

If you have questions regarding the Home Safety Program, please contact Alyson Johnson at [email protected] | 920.288.7095.

Family Assistance Program

We understand that living with ALS makes daily tasks more challenging. In order to make life a little easier, we created the Family Assistance Program. Through this program, we match trained volunteers with families affected by ALS to assist with tasks or be a friendly visitor.Learn More | Request Assistance | Become a FAP Volunteer

ALS Centers and Clinics

The ALS Clinic at Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin is the 26th ALS Association Certified Treatment Center of Excellence in the country, providing neurological diagnostics and imaging, as well as access to the services of a team of highly trained health care professionals specializing in ALS. Under the medical direction of Dr. Dominic Fee and Dr. David Shirilla, the ALS Clinic Team consists of a Nurse Clinic Coordinator, Social Worker, Dietitian, Speech/Swallow Specialist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Chaplain, Child Life Specialist and Wisconsin Clinic Liaison. For more information regarding the ALS Clinic please contact Robin Stanczyk at [email protected] | 414.831.3989.



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