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We have a number of important programs and services available to help people living with ALS and their families cope with the day-to-day challenges that confront them. We offer assistance grants, durable medical equipment, communication equipment, monthly resource and support group meetings, clinic support and much, much more. 

The ALS Association in Wisconsin works diligently to make sure people living with ALS receive the best possible care and support. But we can't do it alone. Through your support, we are one step closer to finding a cause and cure for this disease while providing the necessary services to those living with and fighting ALS.

There are many ways for you to join the fight and help us fight ALS:


Your gift will help The ALS Association in Wisconsin support research to find a cure for ALS, and provide much-needed services to people living with ALS and their families across Wisconsin. By making your gift today, you will help sustain hope in thousands of people affected by ALS. Please click the button below to donate, or browse the links if you need more information.


Gifts to The ALS Association in Wisconsin are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code. The ALS Association is designated by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and can be found in IRS Publication 78 as, "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association," and at To find The ALS Association, go to the IRS Web site and enter "Amyotrophic" in the "Name" search box.


  • EVENTS: The ALS Association in Wisconsin has numerous events offering plenty of ways for you to get involved. Your participation helps us continue to raise funds and spread awareness of ALS - whether the event is hosted by us or a third party.

Support The ALS Association Wisconsin Events

 hosting and support for  community events

Would you like to host an event to benefit The ALS Association in Wisconsin?
CONTACT John Cronin, our community event expert for more info and how we can support your event.

Already hosting an event?

Tell us all about it and we'll spread the word among our community to support your event, contact John Cronin for info and details.


The contributions of volunteers are essential to us achieving our mission. The ALS Association in Wisconsin connects people living with ALS and their families to volunteers to provide services. We also host and participate in numerous fundraising, awareness, and information-based opportunities throughout Wisconsin. These activities create a multitude of tasks where volunteers can easily assist, including administrative work and mailings, helping at various events, and more. More Information About Volunteer Opportunities

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