Call for Research Proposals
In Vivo Target Validation (2023)

Co-funded by Target ALS and The ALS Association 

Opportunity Has Closed 

In Vivo Target Validation grants enable the evaluation of novel therapeutics for target engagement and disease-modifying potential in ALS. 


The ALS Association and Target ALS encourage proof-of-concept validation of promising targets in in vivo models of ALS by producing strong data packages that support drug discovery strategies. Through this funding opportunity, researchers can assess the target engagement and disease-modifying potential of novel therapeutics for ALS using new capabilities based entirely within contract research organizations.  

This grant covers the cost of experiments to evaluate the effect of modulating a candidate therapeutic target using a standardized mouse model of ALS (the AAV9-based 149 G4C2 repeat C9orf72 mouse model described in Chew et al., 2019). Test articles (e.g., small molecules, biologics or antisense oligonucleotides) must be provided by the investigator. 

All proposals will be reviewed by the Target ALS Independent Review Committee. Confidentiality of investigator’s data, research and intellectual property will be strictly honored. 

To view the full request for proposals, click here.


You may select from three of the following readouts: 

  • Sense and antisense foci 
  • Immunoassay 
    • poly(GP)  
  • Immunohistochemistry quantification of: 
    • pTDP-43 (offered only for studies aging mice to 9 months) 
    • Poly(GP) 
    • Poly(GA) 
    • Poly(GR) 
    • GFAP 
    • NeuN (offered only for studies aging mice to 9 months) 
    • Iba1 

Other behavioral tests are available at additional cost borne by the investigator: 

  • Wire hang test 
  • Open field test 

Funding and Eligibility

This is an in-kind grant. No funding will be provided directly to the investigator. The ALS Association and Target ALS will cover costs of approved projects based on a standard study design with a maximum of 30 mice. Both academic and industry investigators are encouraged to apply. No prior or current receipt of funding from Target ALS is required nor used in evaluation of the proposal. 

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Proposals Due: June 26, 2023       
  • Anticipated Award Decision: August 2023  
  • Anticipated Earliest Start Date: September 2023 


To apply, please click here.


More information is available at Please email questions to Dr. Amy Easton, senior director of scientific programs at Target ALS,  

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