Research Grant Review Process

How Research Projects Get Funded

We seek out and fund a diverse research portfolio including clinical trials, preclinical drug development, target identification and validation, gene discoveries, environmental and occupational risks, assistive technologies, patient/caregiver burden measurements, telehealth research, natural history studies, fellowships, databases, capacity building and research infrastructure. We encourage researchers to apply for funding through our Requests for Applications (RFA’s).

ALS Association research projects get selected through a rigorous, transparent, and deliberative process. Grant applicants submit a letter of intent (short proposal). Selected applicants are asked to submit a full proposal. Full proposals are peer-reviewed, critiqued, and scored by a Review committee of independent external experts.Review Committees are selected ad hoc based on the expertise needed to review that grant program, and these committees determine the top list of grants and provide recommendations for funding. These recommendations are presented to the Research Committee of the Association’s Board of Trustees. The Research Committee is comprised of volunteers including people living with ALS, current and former caregivers, scientists, clinicians, and business professionals and it provides the final approval for funding and budget.

research selection process

ALS Association Scientific Review Committee

We have set up a rigorous review process to select the best science, no matter where the idea comes from. A panel of independent external experts reviews the applications received through the RFA’s, scores and critiques the applications, provides feedback to applicants to further optimize the projects, and provides recommendations to the Association on which projects to fund.

We would like to thank our global network of experts that dedicate their time and insight to review grant proposals and provide input on funding programs.

ALS Association Reviewers (2021)

Nadine Bakkar
Michael Benatar
Chad Beyer
Robert Bowser
Nick Brandon
Thos Cochrane
John Dunlop
Dominic Fee
Steve Finkbeiner

Keith Gary
Martin Gill
Amanda Gleixner
Namita Goyal
Terry Heiman-Patterson
Melinda Kavanaugh
Christi Kolarcik
Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne
Melanie Leitner

Jerry Moore
Bruce Morimoto
Piera Pasinelli
Hemali Phatnani
Jeremy Shefner
James Shorter
David Taylor
Gethin Thomas
Bryan Traynor

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