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Partnership Grants (2022)

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Full Application due November 4, 2022

The ALS Association’s Partnership Grants support grant making efforts at other non-profits that align with the mission of the ALS Association. These grants will support a broad range of topics that have the potential to ultimately transform the experience of ALS.


The ALS Association’s Partnership Program Grants seeks to co-fund mature “shovel-ready” research funding programs with a strong scientific rationale and potential for significant impact in ALS. These 2-year awards with a maximum budget of $500,000 should be used by non-profit organization awardees to leverage their own funding program to help it grow, scale or augment. The awardee must employ cost sharing or matching of the ALS Association provided funding in a “co-funding” type of collaboration opportunity.  Successful applications will include:

  1. Link to ALS Association’s mission: Applicants should make the case for how their funding program matches the priorities listed in the Association’s goal of making ALS a livable disease (
  2. Well thought out description of the program including grant making plans/infrastructure and a justification of how this partnership would allow the program to be larger or more impactful than if your organization was engaging in this program alone (including plans for funding match or cost sharing between both organizations).

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Topics of Interest (Scope)

For this funding opportunity we will accept applications for a broad scope of topics that have the potential to ultimately transform the experience of ALS. We are especially interested in programs that would provide funding for (but not limited to):

  • Disease mechanisms and heterogeneity
    • Studies of drug target identification and validation.
    • Studies linking genetic targets to sporadic disease.
    • Studies determining factors that contribute to the heterogeneity of ALS.
  • Biomarkers
    • Studies to discover and validate ALS biomarkers that can facilitate clinical trials, demonstrate biological effect of promising therapeutics, and speed diagnosis.
    • Studies that aim to identify biologically relevant sub-populations within the ALS patient population.
  • Prevention research
    • Studies that could ultimately stop ALS progression before impairment, including methods for detection and identification of potential therapeutic options.
    • Studies that could ultimately reduce the risk of developing ALS for people with genetic risk factors, including studies of epigenetics, gene-environment interactions, and associated methodologies.
    • Studies that seek to understand and or mitigate the effect of environmental exposures on the risk of developing ALS.
  • Clinical tools and techniques
    • Efforts to increase clinical trial participation, reduce burden and risk for participation, and increase clinical trial speed and effectiveness.
    • Efforts to reduce time to diagnosis.
    • Discovery and validation of novel endpoints and outcome measures.
  • Big data approaches
    • Analysis of omics or clinical data for purposes such as identification of disease-relevant patient subtypes, new therapeutic targets, or new biomarkers.
  • Assistive technology
    • Development, validation, and commercialization of novel assistive technologies to improve and impact quality of life in people with ALS.
  • Studies to document and reduce the harms of ALS on caregivers and families of people with ALS
    • Studies documenting real world evidence from approved therapies on ALS complications, quality of life, function, survival, etc.
    • Approaches to reduce isolation in people with ALS.
  • Drug Development
    • Preclinical drug development and clinical trials
  • Research infrastructure and training
    • Trial infrastructure and capacity building.
    • Training of trial personnel (clinical research fellows, trial coordinators, etc.).


  • Full Application Due Date: November 4, 2022, 5 p.m. US ET
  • Anticipated Award Decision: December 2022
  • Contracting to be completed by: January 31, 2023*
    • *note that contracting between the ALS Association and the awardee must be completed by January 31, 2023 but the awardee can launch the RFA at any time in 2023

Online Submission

To Register for a proposalCENTRAL account, create a new Letter of Intent or to access an existing saved Letter of Intent, please visit:

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We encourage inquiries concerning this funding opportunity and welcome the opportunity to answer questions from potential applicants. Submit general questions and other related correspondence to [email protected].

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