Call for Research Proposals
Managing ALS Research Program Request for Applications

The ALS Association Managing ALS Research Program is intended to improve the lives of people with ALS, and their families and caregivers. This applied research will advance our understanding and the quality of ALS management in the United States, including assistive technology, quality and affordability of services and treatments, and documenting and alleviating the burdens of ALS.

The Association seeks applications that advance our understanding and the quality of ALS management. Academic institutions, technology companies, and commercial entities are encouraged to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: This grant program replaces the previous TREAT ALS Clinical Management Grant Program

Significant Dates:

  • RFP open: August 19, 2019
  • Application due: October 7, 2019
  • Review decision issued with award agreement: December 2019
  • Earliest potential start date: January 2020

Eligible Topics

Research that advances our understanding and the quality of ALS management in the United States. Examples of relevant managing ALS studies for this program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Studies that address gaps in care delivery (as outlined in the ALS practice parameters).
  • Interventions that support activities of daily living.
  • Studies of diet and epidemiology of ALS.
  • Developing methods to reduce the time to ALS diagnosis.
  • Increasing the benefits of genetic screening and/or counseling.
  • Observational studies about ALS or therapeutic interventions on various treatments or ALS management strategies, including post-marketing surveillance studies for approved therapies.
  • Interventions to address the mental health issues facing ALS patients and caregivers.
  • Studies, including testing of interventions, to address the needs and burden of caregivers and family members impacted by ALS.
  • Developing or fine-tuning assistive technology.


  • The maximum period of performance is two years.
  • The maximum budget for the entire period of performance is $100,000 per year ($200,000 total).
  • Up to 10% in indirect costs, and additional costs such as travel and open science fees (e.g. publication fees, data sharing fees) may be included in this $200,000 per year total.
  • Principal Investigator(s) salary will not be allowed.
  • Payment structure will be negotiated and based on milestone achievements. Timelines must be clearly described.
  • Regardless of the period of performance proposed, the applicant may not exceed the maximum allowable costs.
  • Equipment costs should not exceed 20% of annual funding.


  • The Association seeks applications that advance our understanding and the quality of ALS management in the United States. Institutions outside of the United States can apply, provided that their project is generalizable to people living in the United States.
  • Applicants must clearly and explicitly articulate the impact the project may have on the management of ALS.
  • Research that cannot be generalized to the United States health system (e.g. studies about access to care under foreign payor systems) will not be supported.
  • The Association expects a royalty from discoveries in proportion to its contributions to the direct activity leading to a drug discovery, invention, or idea, if applicable. Grantee shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to prepare, file, prosecute, and maintain all registerable rights in Intellectual Property arising from implementation of the Research Plan at its sole expense. It shall notify the Association if it does not intend to pursue Patent protection for any invention, discovery, or idea arising from the implementation of the Research Plan and assign all rights to the Association.
  • Applications must address at least one of the areas of programmatic interest listed above. Applications that do not focus on at least one of the following areas will be administratively withdrawn.
  • For an overview of Association policies and terms of award, please click here.


The proposals for Managing ALS will likely require resources beyond those available at a single organization. Therefore, applications are open to investigators participating in synergistic collaborations to advance our understanding and the quality of ALS management.

If a collaboration is proposed, letters confirming/supporting the collaboration are required. Specific roles and responsibilities for each collaborator need to be clearly articulated. If the collaboration is multi-organizational, participating organizations will ensure the success of the collaboration by resolving potential intellectual and material property issues and by removing organizational barriers that might interfere with achieving high levels of cooperation.

Instructions for submission

  • Access application and instructions here.
  • Submit questions and other related correspondence to [email protected]

Review Criteria for Proposals:

  • Impact: Potential for the proposed studies to make an important contribution to ALS disease management and symptoms and increase our understanding of the causes of ALS.
  • Justification: Rationale for how the proposed work will improve the lives of the people currently living with ALS.
  • Research Strategy: Feasibility, timeline, and methodology of experiments and whether the research plan will result in concrete results.
  • Research Team: Qualifications of the PI, key personnel, and collaborators/consultants are appropriate to perform the proposed research project.
  • Future Development: Strategy for pursuing follow-on funding, and potential for commercialization of any technologies.
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