Local Care Services

We encourage you to seek help from us.

For more information about the programs below, please contact:
JoCarolyn Chambers
Manager, Care Services
[email protected]

Assistance For Diagnosed Persons and Families:

Information about ALS and living with ALS; referrals to national, state and local resources to assist persons diagnosed with ALS, caregivers and healthcare professionals throughout Oklahoma.

Support Groups:

The ALS Association Oklahoma offers monthly support groups to families affected by ALS. Each month, these group meetings provide an opportunity for people living with ALS, family members, caregivers, and friends to come together and learn about experiences and best practices, listen, and fellowship with other Oklahomans living with ALS. Due to COVID-19, currently all groups are offered through a digital platform and not meeting in person.

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program:

Durable medical equipment available to loan those diagnosed with ALS without a source to pay for the equipment. Including those admitted to hospice services, or awaiting customized equipment delivery.

If you are interested in donating equipment to our Equipment Loan Closet, please review the Equipment Loan Program Donation Guidelines and fill out an In Kind Donation Form to be given to JoCarolyn Chambers - Manager, Care Services.  

Education and Outreach:

  • The Meet and Greet Educational Support and Connection Program will provide educational opportunities through organized community events providing vital information, education, and networking for those diagnosed with ALS, their family and friends; and for local healthcare practitioners in non-metropolitan areas. Including access to providers of products beneficial to the needs of those living with ALS.
  • The Professional Outreach Program will provide educational programs available to increase awareness of ALS and provide information related to basic care, treatment and support strategies to the professional health care community.
  • The Community Awareness Program will provide educational programs available to increase awareness of ALS and provide information related to the research, advocacy and care service functions of the ALS Association within the general community.

Bereavement Program:

Providing outreach to those surviving a friend or family member’s journey with ALS.

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