Local Highlights

First ALS Clinic Affiliation in Oklahoma

Doctor holding patient's hand

We're so excited to announce a huge win for the ALS community - the first ALS Clinic affiiliation in Oklahoma was facilitated in November!

The INTEGRIS Neuromuscular Center's ALS Clinic, located in Oklahoma City, OK, delivers a multidisciplinary model of care and meets the highest quality of standardized care in the management of ALS. Dr. Brent Beson is the Medical Director for the ALS Clinic and will be taking referrals to provide care for people living with ALS. 

The multidisciplinary care model brings together a team of specially trained health care professionals to collaborate and provide the most comprehensive treatment plan for people living with ALS. Research shows that this model of care helps people with ALS achieve a better quality of life and prolongs life in many cases.

To learn more about Affiliated ALS Clinics and the multidisciplinary care model, please visit als.org/local-support/certified-centers-clinics.

Eclipse ALS with Us

Eclipse glasses, red with lenses

With both an Annular Eclipse in 2023 and Total Eclipse in 2024, American Paper Optics has created exclusive Eclipse ALS glasses for safely viewing the eclipses!

For a limited time, American Paper Optics is partnering with The ALS Association to support our mission to discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people affected by ALs to live their lives to the fullest. From now until April 8th, 2024, for reach 12 pack of these eclipse glasses purchased, APO will donate 50% of profits to The ALS Association. 

These safe solar glasses are exclusively manufactured with 2 mil scratch resistant silver/black polymer lenses that filter out harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and intense visible light. With an optical density of 5 or greater, these ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested to ensure safety for all phases of the eclipse. 

Enjoy the eclipse with your loved ones while also supporting the ALS community and raising awareness!

Purchase your Eclipse ALS glasses here!

Become a Community Champion

Become a Community Champion flier, volunteers in green shirts

We are ramping up our volunteer efforts more than ever. At each Walk, we offered a QR code for attendees to scan where they can Become a Community Champion, and the response was better than we could have imagined. So many members of the ALS community are ready to get involved, will you join them?

What is a Community Champion?
Community Champion is someone who wants to make an impact in the ALS community. Whether that's through advocacy, volunteer opportunities at events, skills training, and beyond, there's something that will fit everyone. 

Your help is needed. Click here to sign up to Become a Community Champion and start making an impact on the ALS community.

Advocacy Update

Capitol with American flag waving

We are entering the planning phase of a State Report Card Project that will be complete mid-2023. Aligned with our goal to make ALS a livable disease by 2030, report cards will reflect how livable ALS is in each state - how accessible and well-funded are care services for people living with ALS? Has Medicaid been expanded? How accessible are ALS specialists via telehealth? 

These are just a few of the policy questions these report cards will reflect, as well as provide a thumbnail of what ALS looks like in each state by the numbers: number of those diagnosed, number of ALS Centers of Excellence, etc. We will use this data to target our state advocacy and raise awareness in state legilatures.

We have started meeting with our lobbyists and developing advocacy goals and events for the upcoming legislative sessions.

We are in need of advocacy volunteers. Become a voice for those living with ALS and fight for change. Reach out to James Sharp (Managing Director, Advocacy) at [email protected] for more information.

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