Military Veterans with ALS

For unknown reasons, veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces are more likely to be diagnosed with ALS than people who did not serve in the military.

We’re dedicated to providing resources that will improve the lives of military veterans living with ALS, and funding research that will help us understand the link between military service and ALS.

veteran with friends and family

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recognized ALS as a service-connected disease, which means that the VA provides financial and medical support to veterans with at least 90 continuous days of active duty.

If you qualify for these benefits, they can provide significant assistance in obtaining medical care, assistive devices and financial support.

The ALS Association is an excellent resource that can make applying for military benefits easier. We’ve worked closely with Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) who’ve walked hundreds of veterans through the process and can help you ensure that you have all the paperwork and information necessary to receive benefits as quickly as possible.

Local VSOs like Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the Paralyzed Veterans of America or the American Legion, can help you navigate this process. If you need help finding a VSO in your area, please contact your local chapter.

We also encourage veterans to get involved in advocacy efforts that are searching for new treatments and a cure for ALS, along with efforts that are improving the lives of all people living with the disease, such as the National ALS Registry.

Veterans Day

Wall of Honor

We celebrate the service of military veterans who are fighting another battle - ALS. Read their stories of courage on our Wall of Honor.
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