Irving "Irv" Dorenfeld

Branch: Marines
Served: 1951 - 1953
Hometown: Woodland Hills, California
Written by: Shirley "Cookie" Dorenfeld, Wife

Brave. Selfless. Resilient. These are some words to describe my husband. More than 50 years ago, he fought for his country in Korea. We were married on September 4, 1955 and had three children, son David and two daughters, Debbie and Robyn. We ran a printing business for over 30 years. Irv was finally diagnosed with ALS in May 2005. He has endured many serious health challenges, but his love for his family and the desire to live have always been greater than ALS. My husband hangs his hat on everything beautiful and stays focused on small things. ALS can never, ever, take that away from him.

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