Elpidio S Muñoz, JR

Branch: Marines
Served: 1967 - 1971
Hometown: Fresno, California
Written by: Jennifer Muñoz-Smith, Daughter

My dad was a Sgt. in the US Marines and served as a Radio Relay Operator during the Vietnam War. Years later he would serve his community as the Director of Microbiology for a local food processing plant. He married my mom and 6 kids,12 grandkids, and 2 great grandkids later and we were one big happy family. Then over the last 2years he started having problems walking. Several tests and wrong diagnosis’ later and in Jan of 2022, 16 days after an official diagnosis, 5days before my moms birthday, 9days before their 50th anniversary, and 1month before his 73rd bday, my dad succumbed to ALS.  

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