Peer Support Program

Everyone's ALS journey is different, but we can navigate it together.

For people living with ALS and their caregivers, the best support often comes one-on-one from those who are on the same journey.
Our Peer Support Program connects those living with ALS, or serving as caregivers, to others in similar situations who can share experiences and support.

Peers offer empathy and solidarity as people who have "been there."

Your peer may not have all the answers, but can relate to the challenges of living with ALS or being a caregiver to someone with ALS.

How It Works

JOIN: Complete the Peer Support Interest Form.
MATCH: Our Care Services team will provide a program overview and work with you to match you with a peer.
CONNECT: You and your peer connect over video, phone, email or text on a schedule that works for both of you.

Apply here


Contact Jenna VanProosdy, Volunteer Coordinator, at 612-455-6052 or [email protected].

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