Honor Family Caregivers This November

November is National Family Caregivers Month.

The ALS Association is saluting caregivers throughout the month for their dedication to the ALS journey.

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The Caregiver Commitment

Being a family caregiver, while a fulfilling role, can consume a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional energy. Primary caregivers of individuals living with ALS are often family members or partners who spend up to 11 hours a day fulfilling the caregiver role. 84% of caregivers help their care recipient with medical or nursing tasks, with the intensity of tasks growing as ALS progresses. Costs associated with the disease, which can average over $200,000 per year, can also create overwhelming financial burdens while the disease’s impact on caregivers can lead to strain in the home dynamic and caregiver burnout, especially when caregivers maintain full-time employment.

When the ability of the caregiver to fulfill their role is impacted, the wellbeing of the individual living with ALS is also impacted, which has a negative effect on the overall ability of both the person with ALS and the caregiver to remain active members of their communities. Because caregivers are so crucial to the lives of those living with ALS, ensuring they are supported to help avoid burnout is essential.

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Ways We Help

While all of the programs and services of the Chapter strive to support individuals living with ALS and their caregivers, a number of programs uniquely address caregiver needs. From providing much-needed respite to facilitating connections through support groups to engaging volunteers to assist with everyday tasks, preventing caregiver burnout and positively contributing to the caregiving journey is a key focus of our mission. Scroll down to read more about our programs that benefit caregivers.



How You Can Support Family Caregivers

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Sponsor a Family Caregiver Kit for $100

The Chapter will be sending Family Caregiver Kits to more than 300 family caregivers this month throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. For a donation of $100, you can sponsor a Family Caregiver Kit, which includes:
-$50 Visa Gift Card
-Travel Mug
-Premium Chocolates
-Greeting Card with a Message of Gratitude
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Donate to Programs that Make an Impact

Whether it’s the Jack Norton Family Respite Program, which provides 18 hours of respite care per month, Support Groups, or the Family Assistance Program, a contribution to the Chapter supports the needs of caregivers and the individuals living with ALS they care for.
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Become a Family Assistance Program Volunteer

Explore current opportunities to volunteer your time to an individual living with ALS and their family.
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Join the Conversation

Follow along on our Facebook page throughout the month as we create conversations about caregiving.
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Connect to Caregiver Support

If you are an ALS caregiver, please connect with us to learn more about resources that are available to assist you in your caregiving journey.
What a blessing to be connected with everyone—our paths are so different, yet we are all on this journey together.
-Minnesota Caregiver and Support Group Attendee

Caregiver-Focused Programs

Learn more about how Chapter programs and services support individuals living with ALS, their families, and caregivers.
Caregiver Respite
Jack Norton Family Respite Program
This program provides much-needed respite to full-time family caregivers. Certified home care personnel come to the home for up to 18 hours per month to care for the person with ALS, allowing the caregiver to relax, keep appointments or visit friends.
Virtual Support Group
Support Groups
The Chapter sponsors several support groups, including specific ones for caregivers which offer people with ALS and their loved ones a place to receive education and support. Support groups are currently being held virtually so anyone can join.
Family Assistance Program
Family Assistance Program
Through this program, a volunteer is connected to an individual or family affected by ALS to support them by completing everyday tasks and providing companionship. Volunteers can assist with cleaning, organizing, meal prep, yard work, hobbies, and more.
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