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Meet Legacy Society Member Noriko Hill

Noriko Hill
Toshi Inoue (left) with Noriko Hill (center)
and Noriko’s other aunt (right).

When Noriko Hill talks about her aunt, Toshi Inoue, her memories are filled with moments of laughter and joy. She says, “My aunt loved family, food, and traveling — and in her final years really made the most out of living with ALS.”

Toshi was born and raised in Japan with a large, loving family. She worked at a Catholic kindergarten most of her life and retired at age 55. She then got her first driver’s license, traveled the world, and learned computer skills and English.

Speaking of her aunt’s ALS journey, Noriko says, “Her speech began to decline in 2017, and later that year we received the ALS diagnosis. It was hard on us all, but she was always in good spirits. In her final months she was unable to eat, and that hit hard. But even then, she continued to care for her sister who was fighting a health issue of her own. She always put others first.”

Noriko is determined to continue her aunt’s legacy of caring for others—and to help make ALS a livable disease.“That’s why I’m a long-time monthly donor and have set aside a portion of my trust to advance The ALS Association’s worldwide research efforts when I pass.

Noriko Hill 2
Noriko Hill (left) and Toshi Inoue (right)
when Noriko was a young child living in Japan.

Bringing it all back to Toshi, Noriko says, “I look forward to the day when ALS can’t take eating away from another big-hearted foodie like my aunt — and I know this future isn’t far off!”

By including a gift to The ALS Association in her estate planning, Noriko joined our Legacy Society — turning her loss into leadership and honoring her aunt's memory.

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