2022 Florida Impact Report

Whatever It Takes

2022 Florida Impact Report - It Takes ALL of Us

It’s going to take all of us, working together, to make ALS a livable disease until a cure is found. It’s going to take researchers, clinicians,  scientists across the globe, urgently collaborating to find new treatments and cures. 

It’s going to take people living with ALS, their caregivers, family members and supporters like you to help us pave the way to a future free of a devastating ALS diagnosis. 

Which is why this was such an amazing year for communities throughout Florida. Because of your support we had 2,901 event participants join us across the state of Florida to bring awareness to the realities of ALS, while raising critical funds to support research, advocacy and local care services.

We accomplished great things because of you. 

Please read our 2022 Florida Impact report and learn about the incredible impact and victories we shared this past year. None of these accomplishments would be possible without you.

We deeply appreciate the support, advocacy and collaboration of the ALS community and are grateful to all of you for joining us in doing whatever it takes to end ALS.


Submitted by: Todd B. on Fri, 02/10/2023

Thank you for everyone’s efforts

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