Florida Chapter
Elizabeth Bradley: From Grief to Grad Student
Elizabeth Bradley lost her husband Woody to ALS, and has used his passing as inspiration to pursue a Master of Science in Psychology.
To complete her research project, she needs survey responses soon!
Northern Ohio Chapter
How Does ALS Affect My Life?
This is a personal statement read by Jennifer Bernay on the 2021 virtual hill day held with the ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter and members of congress representing the state of Ohio.
ALS Association
Hopeful Highlights from the Recent ALS MND Symposium
Earlier this month, The ALS Association was happy to travel to Dublin to participate in the 27th International Symposium on ALS/MND. The Symposium, the largest ever, brought together top ALS researchers and clinicians from all over the world. People in attendance, including those from The ALS Association, used the hashtag #alssymp during the event. Here are some of our favorites!