Projects We Funded in 2018 Accelerated Momentum Toward the Search for Treatments and a Cure


In 2018, many new research discoveries and collaborations accelerated the momentum toward finding treatments and a cure for ALS. We helped lead the way by awarding new grants to top scientists and clinicians all over the world.

Here are just a few of the biggest advances in ALS research this past year that give us hope.

All of these projects were funded by The ALS Association.

  • KIF5A ALS gene was discovered. A large collaborative effort involving over 250 researchers, led by Dr. John Landers (UMass Medical School) and Dr. Bryan Traynor (National Institutes of Health), came together to achieve this exciting gene discovery, including organizations supported by The ALS Association.
  • Assistive technology advanced at a rapid pace. Pison Technology, winner of our Assistive Technology Challenge, is growing. Our $100,000 investment leveraged over $1.7 million in outside funding and their wearable muscle sensor technology is moving quickly toward the market.
  • Drug development moved compounds toward the clinic. A viral gene therapy targeting the ALS SOD1 gene was proven safe and effective in nonhuman primates, paving the way for a human clinical trial.

Check out our research infographic here to learn more about all the projects and collaborations that made a difference this year.

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