PopSockets and The ALS Association: A Unique Connection

Our Every Drop Adds Up campaign builds on the idea that people coming together for a common goal can make the impossible happen, just as it did four summers ago when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world. Every person helped, research project funded, story shared, discovery made, piece of legislation passed, and auction bid placed – it all adds up!

We’ve been telling you how excited we are about PopSockets joining the fight against ALS this summer. The company is donating 10 percent of net proceeds for every PopSockets grip purchased on their website through September 30.

The funds will go directly toward supporting research into treatments and a cure for ALS, plus care services and advocacy for people living with the disease.

What we haven’t shared is the special connection between PopSockets and The ALS Association.

David Barnett, the founder and CEO of PopSockets, is the grandson of Lawrence (Larry) Barnett, Sr.

Larry was widely revered as a prominent entertainment executive who, after a family friend was diagnosed with ALS, was a guiding force behind the founding of The ALS Association. He served as the Association’s first chairman in 1985 and played an active role in the organization’s funding and development.

“[My grandfather] was what success was to me,” said David. “He inspired me to be an entrepreneur as a kid.”

Larry’s unrelenting commitment to fighting ALS led to his recognition as the Association’s “grandfather.” He passed away in 2012 at the age of 98.

Over the years, the Barnett family’s contributions to the fight against ALS have advanced understanding of the disease through groundbreaking research. The family has helped raise millions of dollars for the cause.

The Association’s Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Program, which funds preclinical projects aimed at developing product-driven ALS therapeutics, was named after Larry and his beloved wife, Isabel. And Lawrence (Larry) Barnett, Jr., David’s uncle, served on the Association’s Board of Trustees from 2009 to 2017.

So, it was almost kismet when David realized PopSockets grips help people with mobility issues hold their smartphones more securely. Four years ago, he heard that, thanks to PopSockets, a young girl with severe arthritis was able to use her phone for the first time.

“From there, we started hearing from other people with mobility issues – people with Parkinson’s, someone here in Colorado with ALS,” David explained.

PopSockets started its DoGoods philanthropic initiative with a focus on mobility issues. Not only are the PopSockets grips helping people use their phones, they’re also allowing people to express their values and support causes that are important to them.

Check out this video to learn more about the creation of PopSockets and why David is proud to support our vision of a world without ALS.

You can learn more about the Barnett family’s legacy with The ALS Association here and here.

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