Doing Whatever it Takes to Deliver Hope and Impact

People living with ALS

The ALS community capped off 2021 with a big advocacy win, the passage of the ACT for ALS. That win came after ALS advocates reached out to members of Congress more than 30,000 times through phone calls, letters, in-person meetings, and via social media.

That legislative win was just one way we were able to follow through on our commitment to do Whatever It Takes to make ALS a livable disease while continuing the search for a cure.

Our year-end report provides a snapshot of some of the progress we were able to make this year in our work to:

  • Find new treatments and a cure.
  • Optimize current treatments and care.
  • Prevent or delay harms associated with ALS.

The work detailed in this report covers the entirety of our mission to create a world without ALS, from expanding the research pipeline, to working to bring the best care possible to people living with ALS and their caregivers to fighting for increased federal funding for ALS research and public policies that improve the quality of life for people living with ALS.

None of these accomplishments would be possible without you. We deeply appreciate the support, advocacy and collaboration of the ALS community. We are grateful to all of you for joining us in doing whatever it takes to cure ALS and provide the highest standards of care, service and support for those who need it today.

Read the full year-end report here.


Submitted by: Ann H. on Thu, 01/06/2022

My husband's daughter fought ALS for as long as she could. It was heart breaking.

Submitted by: Amy L. on Fri, 01/07/2022

So sorry, Ann.

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