Eugene P. Brandon, Ph.D.

Eugene P. Brandon

Professional Position: Head of Translation
Company: IQVIA Cell and Gene Therapy Center
Location: San Diego, CA

Dr. Eugene Brandon is a scientist working in translational medicine. He has expertise in biomedical product development, regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy, stem cell technology, endocrinology, and neurodegenerative diseases, with a particular focus on ALS. He has spent approximately 30 years in scientific research and development, in both academic and industry contexts. Since 2005, Eugene has been an active volunteer with the ALS Association. Eugene’s involvement became more personal in 2008 when his friend and neighbor was diagnosed with ALS. With a broad understanding of the scientific advances as well as the patient’s perspective, Dr. Brandon is driven to contribute where he can to improving life for people living with ALS.

Eugene’s career in scientific research began with a major in Biopsychology at Tufts University, followed by a position at New England Medical Center pioneering activated lymphocytes for the treatment of cancer in the early days of immuno-oncology. He earned his PhD at the University of Washington School of Medicine, with his doctoral work on intracellular signaling and neural function. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, he focused on cholinergic systems, motor neurons, and the neuromuscular junction. In the biotechnology industry, Eugene led the Parkinson’s disease and ALS gene therapy efforts at Ceregene, and the product development of a cell therapy for diabetes at ViaCyte. Currently, he is consulting on the development of several different biomedical products in his role as the Head of Translation for the IQVIA Cell and Gene Therapy Center.

While at Ceregene, Eugene joined the Board of Directors of the Greater San Diego Chapter of The ALS Association. Over the years he has served in each of the Executive Committee positions including five years as the Board Vice Chair and two as Chair. At the San Diego Chapter, Eugene led Strategic Planning and the formation of an Advisory Council, and currently serves on the Governance Committee. On the national board of The ALS Association, he serves on the Communications Committee and is Chair of the Research Committee.