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Modified Vehicles

The ALS Association does have a van loan program, but we only have a few vans in rotation, and it could be multiple months to years for someone to get a van through The Association's van loan program.

If a PALS would like to invest in a modified vehicle, a vehicle where the PALS can remain in their wheelchair while riding in the vehicle is the best option.

The best way to get a modified vehicle is to purchase an already modified, used vehicle. A good source for looking for used modified vehicles are the following:

Disabled Dealer - 1-888-651-0666 You can be put on a mailing list to get their magazine that has listings for vehicles as well as other used items for people with disabilities.
AMS Vans - 1-800-775-VANS
Ride-Away - 1-888-743-3292
Used HME - 920-445-0124 (Listings of used medical equipment, including vans.)
Mobility Sales - 1-800-714-5245
Caraleasing - 1-800-995-9123
Accessible Vans and Mobility - 1-800-850-8267

Another resource is to call local vendors that modify vehicles. These companies actually do modifications to vehicles, and they often have used vehicles on their lot. To find the local dealer in your area, go to, click on "Member Directory," then click on "United States." Then choose the state you live in. This will list qualified dealers of vehicle modifications.

There is a lease program that might be beneficial to PALS. The program is offered by Caraleasing, Inc. - 1-800-995-9123. They have long and short term leases, as well as an early cancellation option. If you mention The ALS Association, Greater New York Chapter, you may be eligible for a discount.

There are two local websites that list many used items, including modified vehicles:

TRIAD-IN Program

Back In Action - NJ

If you only need a van on an occasional basis, you may want to look into renting modified vans. The following companies rent vans:

Wheelchair Getaways
Ride Away
Accessible Vans and Mobility
NY: 866-524-8267
NJ: 800-221-0034
Mobility Group
AMS Vans
Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals

Specific questions about vehicle modifications can be directed to Antoinette Verdone at 212-720-3054 or

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